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Friday, 9 September 2011
Chocolate Pie @ 18:07

Vegan Frozen Chocolate Pie
This pie is so incredibly yummy!

1 pack of Oreos
1 Tbsps Vegan margarine, (I used Nuttelex)
1 Tbsps golden syrup

Place the Oreos, margarine and golden syrup into a food processor and blend lightly until mixed. Pour the mix out into a pie dish and flatten with ether your hands or a spoon until even.

1 400g can of full cream coconut milk
200g of Vegan dark cooking chocolate (I used Coles dark cooking chocolate)
1 Tbsp Golden syrup
1 tsp Vanilla essence

Cook the coconut milk in a small pot over a medium heat until simmers. Break up the chocolate and place into the food processor, place the golden syrup and vanilla essence over the chocolate. Once coconut milk has simmered pour over the chocolate then blend until smooth.

Pour the filling over the crust and place into the freezer over night.

Served with white chocolate on top with strawberries.
Now, once the dish is frozen it could be difficult to cut through, but if you cant get it out, take to a spoon and eat your way through it, it really is the most yummy pie you'll eat. 

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